Skipped out on my 3 hour math lecture because I was having a massive panic attack. Came to spend the time with friends and calmed me down a little. Now I’m alone because they went off to class and I’m sitting in this crowded McDonalds nervous as fuck.

Don’t know what to do. 

Crime (with Kendrick Lamar)
Mayer Hawthorne


Crime - Mayer Hawthorne ft. Kendrick Lamar

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1. Don’t try to piss quietly. Nobody in a public restroom thinks you’re knitting in your stall. They came to piss, just like you. And if you have to take a dump, do it. Get over your fear of public toilets. It’ll make life a lot easier.

2. Masturbate. Masturbate a lot. Talk about it with your friends. You’ve got the right to make yourself feel good and brag about it just like all the boys with extra large kleenex packages on their desks.

3. If you want the large fries, get the large fries. Hunger and appetite are nothing to be ashamed of, just human. Don’t ever feel guilty for eating in front of others. You need to nourish your body to stay alive. We all do.

4. Laugh as loud as you have to, no matter if you snort or gasp or literally scream.

5. Fart when you have to.

6. Always remember you weren’t born to visually please others. Forget the phrase “what if they think it’s ugly”. If you think it’s lovely, it is lovely. You wanna wear it, wear it!

7. Speak your mind! You can learn to do so without insulting others or shoving your opinion down other people’s throats.

Seven Simple Ways To Free Yourself, from girl to girl  (via 1112pm)

“Note to self: don’t let anything destroy you, especially yourself.”
– (163/365) by (DS)

“The world we live is so much in our head.”
– Holly Goldberg Sloan

Daily Thoughts.


1. Everything must constantly be a test to hone your skills.
2. Trials must be treated as if it were the finals, the final exam, the final race, the final obstacle, because those who you compete with at the actual finish line share a similar state of mind.
3. Your words are a lethal weapon to carry around but remember that there’s a safety switch and understand when to turn it from off to on.
4. Knowledge is never ending; crave knowledge from the cradle to the grave.
5. Loyalty is the highest valued currency.
6. Honesty is a close second.
7. Love is something that can never truly be defined. Accept it as it comes.
8. Appreciate madness as well as sorrowfulness, the good and the bad; because although you may hate the rain, somewhere else would sacrifice anything for a drop.
9. Media, novels, and peers are all sources of influence; your goal is to be just as persuasive.
10. Flexibility is not a sign of weakness; howling winds can knock down a great oak but dandelions bend freely.
11. Once you love yourself, people will declare it as egoism or arrogance; ride this wave of insults as compliments.
12. Apologize to those who refuse it. You owe it to them the most.
13. You do not need everyone’s approval. 


"am i too sensitive or do i have the right to actually to be upset?" a musical.

Teaching myself to be better.

the thing you are most
afraid to write.

write that.

– Nayyirah Waheed (via smariamie)